Content marketing and SEO. These are two entirely different things, right? While most people talk about one or the other, this post will focus on how you can actually connect the two and benefit your business or client.

By linking your SEO to an effective content marketing strategy, you will have the opportunity to enter niche search results and build-up a powerful brand.

These two strategies (while they are different), have a lot in common and SEO is largely influenced by content and vice versa. However, there ARE differences between the marketing tactics as well. The main focus of SEO is to drive traffic to your website. Content marketing is focused around creating high-quality, valuable content to inform and attract an audience, while simultaneously promoting the brand. So, how do these two tactics fit into one strategy?:

SEO Needs Content

In order for you to have a successful SEO campaign, you’re going to need content. And GREAT content at that. If you don’t have content, then you won’t be able to implement sufficient keywords. Websites that are empty and contain zero content will not have a chance at being picked up by search engines. To put it simply, SEO doesn’t exist without content.

Update Content Regularly

To have great content marketing, you will need to update your website on a regular basis. Websites that have outdated content and haven’t been updated in a long time won’t be ranked as high when it comes to search engine results. The fresher your content is, the quicker it will get indexed. Content marketing and SEO come together here— you can’t start the strategy and stop there.


While keywords are extremely important in SEO, the way to get them out there is content marketing. Keywords within a piece of content are still crucial when it comes to helping articles get found in search results.

An SEO backlink is a link back to a website, and it can occur native to a website, or on a different website that points back to yours. And the best method in generating links? Producing high-quality content on a regular basis! In doing so, other marketers and brands will want to share your valuable articles and content on their own websites.

Remember to Optimize Both

Great SEO is always optimized, and content should be too. The two disciplines should work together and the use of either has to include both SEO and content if it is to be truly effective, according to Search Engine Watch. Content marketers can learn a whole lot from SEO professionals, because they know which content and landing pages perform the best. What they also know is the competition—they are well aware of which competitors are strong in search engine results. This is why keyword research is crucial for optimizing the content.

You see, you can’t have one strategy without the other. When the two are used together, the content will boost website traffic, with people arriving through search engines. After you have visitors on your landing page, there is a larger opportunity for engagement. If the content is relevant to your audience, it will bring them back and can help you grow your audience.

Content is Not Solely On-Page

The definition of content marketing has widened and become more visual. It now includes infographics, videos, e-books, puzzles, and others. On top of that, marketers now have more channels to share the content, such as social media. Think of how often you browse your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram newsfeed and click on new articles to read—the opportunity to find new content seems endless. Creating great content will mean that people in your industry will read it, find it valuable, and end up sharing it with their followers. The more people find value in it, the more positive signals will be sent to a search engine.

Always remember, SEO and content marketing can be two parts of a whole strategy, and ultimately they will complement each other!