Santa's Social Media Magic

While we all think it’s a busy time of year, let’s pause. Who REALLY has the busiest schedule right now? That’s right, none other than Santa Claus and his band of jolly elves in the North Pole workshop. And if you think Santa does everything the ‘old fashioned way,’ think again. Sometimes when magic isn’t enough, Santa gets a little help from his social media strategies. Let’s face it; he has to keep on top of his staggering workload!

So, we can all borrow a few tricks found in Santa’s toy bag during the holiday season.

First, you need to keep on top of what’s trending. Santa does – in fact, he has to keep track of toy trends all over the world. Using media management tools helps Santa and his elves track what’s hot this year and what went “out” last Christmas. Santa’s website (and workshop) knows about all of the hippest and hottest trends online – you should too.

Secondly, communication, communication, communication. It’s important to your business and social media strategies, and it’s of the utmost importance to Santa. St. Nick has millions of kids that are expecting his best, not to mention managing thousands of elves in the workshops, which is no small task. Efficient and effective communication from the guy in red is mandatory. The same goes for your crew.

Third, it’s a great time of year to send out mass messages every day, every week, or more. Manage that workload by scheduling your updates in advance through third party platforms, such as Sprout Social. Sprout Social will allow you to plan out, weeks ahead, your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn messages. How else does Santa say “Merry Christmas” right at the stroke of midnight, on all his platforms? Magic…think again. He reaches key children and families; you reach key customers and future customers. Now that’s magic!

Fourth, remember the reason for the season. Santa wins the emotions on Facebook and Twitter the world over. He’s authentic and connects with people in a real and emotional way. He is always jolly and is full of engaging stories. Learn from the master, and this will work for your business, too. It’s the easiest and most effective way to communicate and engage with your “people” on social media. If Santa is re-telling a tale about a particular child and their wish, his emotional connection with networks/and people get stronger. So remember, the holidays are full of feel-good tales, and people love to hear about them. He’s directly involved in all of them, which is even better. Perhaps your company can adopt a family who needs gifts or takes part in a charity toy drive. The ideas are endless, but the results the same. Do some good; get the word out about your services and your company at the same time. Help spread peace on earth and show that your company harbors good will towards man.

So be sure to find a little magic in your social media bag of tricks. Have fun with it, and try not to feel overwhelmed. After all, take it from Santa, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.”

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