How Doukas Media Used SEO to Triple a Client’s Organic Traffic

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a powerful way to bring traffic to your website. Utilizing optimization techniques successfully can produce positive business implications beyond a first-page ranking: it can increase new site visitors, conversions, and more. The Doukas Media team employed SEO to help a nationwide provider of custom metal building kits increase organic traffic by 285%, receive 2,000 new organic site visitors, and gain a 233% increase in organic site conversions -- in just four months.

Here’s how they did it.

Establishing Purpose

To start, the Doukas Media team evaluated the client’s broader business goals in order to determine the strategies they’d take to help them grow. This client wanted to increase the number of calls and online leads to its business. In order to achieve these goals, it was necessary for the team to improve the client’s presence on Google, which in turn would bring more traffic to their website.

Setting Goals and SEO Objectives

The Doukas Media team had an overall goal of improving the client’s Google rankings, striving for first page results. Considering less than 10% of traffic moves on to page two of Google’s search results, getting a page one spot for this client was essential.

Developing a Strategy

After understanding the business’s goals, and crafting SEO objectives that supported them, the next step for the Doukas Media team was to create a strategy. 

The team used a mix of the following techniques to evaluate the client’s status and identify areas for improvement:

  • website audit

  • comprehensive keyword research

  • technical audit

  • sitemap creation

  • URL and information architecture analysis

  • internal linking analysis

  • content creation for new product categories

  • crawl error analysis

  • duplicate content cleanup

  • URL normalization cleanup

Two months prior to implementing techniques, the Doukas Media team spent the majority of their time on keyword research, and mapping out optimizations and crawl errors. This preparation allowed the team to smoothly implement the changes about six weeks into their work with the client on this project, as well as help ensure the strategy and optimizations would produce positive results.

Evaluating Results

After just four months, the SEO efforts the Doukas Media team led for the client directly led to nearly tripled organic traffic, and a 233% increase in organic site conversions. SEO brought 2,000 new organic visitors to the site, people who likely wouldn’t have discovered the client’s services otherwise.

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Continuous Optimization

To ensure that the client’s traffic continues to grow, the next steps for the Doukas Media team are to continue building out new content, including starting a blog to help build the overall size and authority of the site. The team analyzed conversion rate in an effort to further increase conversions on the site, and plans to potentially design the site and navigation to help make the information it carries easier for both customers and Web crawlers to understand.

Would you like to see your site grow with the help of SEO? Contact us today to learn how the Doukas Media team can create an SEO strategy that works for your business.

Rachael Doukas