Brand Identity

The message your brand communicates matters — it’s how your customers remember you, it’s the impression you leave with an audience that has just discovered you, it’s how you’re perceived next to your competitors, and it’s the voice your company speaks through. How do you know if it’s sending the right message? We get to know your brand to determine how to best communicate your company’s message through your visual assets, marketing materials, and web interface. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or just need a facelift, we can help your company make the best first impression on your target audience.


Developing new brands and refreshing established organizations is at our core. Our brand identity process has proven to clarify the voice and visual for brands of many sizes. It doesn’t end with a logo or a business card. We work with our clients to ensure that all aspects of their brand are consistent and clear. By producing style guides and advanced applications like apparel, signage, packaging, or just about anything that can be dreamed up, we help our clients hit their market with the best possible foot forward, with a partner by their side.

  • Discovery

  • Messaging

  • Brand Strategy

  • Identity Design

  • Brand Materials