Tips for Creating Compelling Instagram Stories

Since visual social media platform Instagram launched its “Stories” back in 2016, individuals and brands alike have been experimenting with creative ways to use the feature to share compelling narratives that engage their followers. Because the content disappears after 24 hours, there is a sense of urgency and “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” feeling that inspires audience participation.

With changes to the Instagram feed affecting the reach of organic posts, Stories are a fantastic way for businesses to deepen their relationships with their customers, and feature their offerings in new ways. Considering there are more than 300 million daily active users on Instagram Stories, it’s a feature that’s certainly worthy of any content marketer’s attention!

Below, we’ve compiled just a few of the ways that your business can use Instagram Stories.

Make Use of “Highlights”

While Instagram Stories disappear after a day, the “Highlights” feature on the Instagram profile allows you to shine the spotlight on what makes your business special through a curation of your favorite posted Stories.

This is a great space to turn archives Stories into longer threads for customers to enjoy, and organize them into meaningful categories. This is also a way to let your creativity shine -- consider designing your own graphic icons to

Go Live

Are you hosting an event? Is someone special visiting your store? Use the “Live” feature of Instagram Stories to capture the moment in real time! This is the perfect way to let people who weren’t able to make it to the exciting moment experience it, too.

Invite Feedback with Polls

Instagram introduced a polling feature for Stories in 2017, allowing followers to share their input with a simple click of an option. Customizable polls -- they’re not just “yes or no” can be used to gather feedback about customer experiences, and even to help guide new product launches. It’s an added value for followers, because they in turn feel as though they’re voices are being heard.

Share Behind the Scenes Moments

The casual nature of Instagram Stories makes it the ideal platform to offer a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Interview your team members, tour your stores, tease a new offering -- there are countless ways you can give your customers the gift of an inside peek at your company. Ask questions, encourage comments and direct messages; behind the scenes stories are wonderful conversation starters!

Get Storytelling!

How do you use the Stories feature on Instagram? Do you miss the chronological Instagram feed? Share your thoughts in the comments!

H/T to Social Media Examiner for inspiring this post.

Rachael Doukas