Brand Mascots that are Amazing on Social

The gecko. The tiger. The doughboy…. We’re willing to bet the brands these iconic characters represent came to mind instantly. Mascots have long been used to personify brands, and for good reason. They bring personality, charm, and relatability to a variety of brand experiences. In the age of social media, brand mascots can help engage and entertain ever-evolving audiences, and enhance community more deeply than ever before.

Some brands have brought their mascots to life through social media accounts of their own and are, quite frankly, doing an amazing job. We’ve rounded out a few of our favorites below.

Flo From Progressive

Witty Flo exploded onto the scene in the late 2000s as the witty, loveable salesperson from Progressive Insurance commercials. Progressive continues to ride the wave of this charming character, even creating custom “Flomojis” in her likeness. So fun!


Chester Cheetah

The suave and sassy cartoon cheetah, who represents Cheetos as its “spokescheetah” brings edge and engagement to social media. Through Twitter banter, creative Instagram content, and an interactive website that features posts from fans, Chester brings Cheetos to life in a fun, spicy way.

Cheetah 2.png

The M&M'S® Characters

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, and Brown make up the team of M&M’s characters that bring relatable banter and engaging fun to the classic candy brand. While M&M’s Brand doesn’t maintain unique accounts for the characters, they bring their stories come to life through adorable web profiles, and the #MMSandFriends hashtag on Twitter.


Cap'n Crunch

Looking to crunchatize the generation of digital natives, Cap’n Crunch brings endearing charm to his social profiles. The brand even launched an online game -- CRUNCH TIME -- before the Super Bowl.

Capn Crunch.png

The Aflac Duck

Aflac debuted in 2000 with the “Park Bench” commercial and truly became an international phenomenon. The character is now synonymous with the insurance company, and is now even a part of its logo. The Duck’s personality is expertly maintained on social: a campy tone of voice, high quality visual content, and a touch of tastefully communicated corporate responsibility make for a uniquely amazing mix.


Which brand mascot is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

Rachael Doukas