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We create digital experiences that build relationships and enrich brands.


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Why choose Doukas Media?

Digital Marketing offers game-changing potential to enhance client engagement, level the playing field, dissolve communication barriers, and increase sales. Doukas Media Inc. is a digital marketing agency that was founded to help businesses successfully communicate their story in this competitive marketplace. We've helped numerous companies use a variety of platforms to effectively tell their story and deliver their message to their target market.


Helping business owners succesfully craft and communicate their story is our priority.



Working with Rachael and her team was wonderful. They listened to what I needed, guided me in the ares I didn’t understand and gave me a classic, sophisticated website that I know will help me to grow my practice. They were always available to make edits and answer questions- via email, phone or in person. If you want a great website that speaks to you and your specific needs please reach out to Doukas Media. You won’t find a better product for such a reasonable rate.
— Elizabeth Vaz
Rachel and her team work hard to know you and to brand your message.Thanks to their work on my social media marketing campaign, I have seen a significant return on my investment! They are on the cutting edge of the market and really know how to get your brand out there.
— Thomas Weiss

Our promise

Our organization delivers the promise of social media by effectively integrating social media resources, optimizing exposure and personalizing the brands of our clients.

The Doukas Media differentiator is our ability to faithfully articulate and “bring to life” the unique stories of our clients. By developing a well developed strategy for each of our clients, we create cohesive messaging that resonates throughout client websites, email campaigns, animation and social media content. People buy from people they like. Stories personalize a client’s brand, create connections and convert prospects to clients.