Using Lead Ads and Automation to Close the Sale

So, you’ve done all the work to set up enticing, cost-effective lead ads through Facebook and start collecting information on potential customers. Now what?

You need to pull those records, and create a solid plan to nurture your new leads into customers. Otherwise your great ads are a wasted effort.

Why Automation?

Utilizing an automation service that integrates Facebook lead ads with a drip campaign is a great way to streamline the process of collecting and reaching out to your leads. The Doukas Media team uses Drip, an ecommerce CRM.

An automated service that integrates with Facebook lead ads allows you to push your leads directly into campaigns without needing to download and re-upload files manually every time you’d like to update your records. This allows you to get right to sending your first messages to these leads as soon as they express interest.

Through Drip specifically, you can use “Submitted a landing page” as a trigger to automatically prepare the system to move your leads through your drip campaign. You can create a custom workflow that speaks specifically to the leads who come through your Facebook ads. This gives your leads a custom experience that resonates.

Building Your Drip Campaign

Every business is different, and so it’s important for you to think about what makes your unique customers perk up at the opportunity to support you, but there is a basic framework for building out a drip campaign that tends to be successful.

Here’s Drip’s recommended series:

  • Welcome: Welcome the subscriber. Give them their coupon and a link to buy.

  • Buying guide: Answer FAQs about your products. Highlight some “recommended” or “popular” purchases, so they feel confident in buying.

  • Content: Add value with content. Remind them about their unused coupon.

  • Social proof: Give them stories of other customers, Instagram photos with your products, etc., and video reviews. Remind them about their unused coupon.

  • Deadline: Remind them that their coupon will expire in 48 hours, with a link to buy.

  • Last Call: Remind leads that their coupon will expire. Give them a link to buy.

The timeline and exact offers should be up to you and your unique business, of course, but this is a helpful starting point.


It’s easy to forget to address your growing list of leads, but using automation -- rather than relying on manual communications, checklists, and calendars -- allows you to provide a tailored and positive experience for your leads in a strategic and streamlined way. Once your drip campaign is built, you’ll save time on continuing to manage it manually, and instead, can use your efforts to evaluate its performance and make it better and better!

Learn more about how Drip integrates with Facebook lead ads here.


Rachael Doukas