Brands Making the Most of IGTV

Brands Making the Most of IGTV

Last month, Instagram launched IGTV, a platform that allows longer-form videos. As YouTube does, this feature gives users of all kinds the opportunity to upload and showcase their creative content. This opens up a whole new world for viewers and creators alike to connect.

According to Instagram’s business page, IGTV is:

  • mobile first,
  • intuitive,
  • curated, and
  • open to all

What’s especially exciting about the platform is that it gives an inside look with a personal touch, and is highly interactive.

In the few weeks of the app’s existence, we’ve seen videos from brands that are good, bad, and quite strange (one hour of Cole Sprouse eating a burger, anyone?). Below, we’ve rounded out a few of our favorite uses of the platform by brands so far.

MTV Uses IGTV to Announce VMA Nominees

The iconic network partnered with mega-influencers to flood IGTV with original content centered around the award show. Instagrammers like Bretman Rock, Toddy Smith, and Tessa Brooks each created original content (posted through their own channels) to reveal the categories. This was a smart move by MTV, as it took advantage of a new platform while engaging a youthful audience.

National Geographic Adapts “ONE STRANGE ROCK” Finale for IGTV

National Geographic is known for being one of the best brands on social media, creating captivating, quality, relevant content that suits each platform. With the launch of IGTV, National Geographic adapted the finale of its ONE STRANGE ROCK series for mobile, offering its nearly 90 million Instagram followers the chance to experience the hour-long episode.

The Economist Asks “Can tourism help save the ocean?”

With 1.2 million views, this 10 minute film on ecotourism in the Coral Triangle from The Economist features sprawling landscapes, interviews, and research, optimized for the platform. It’s compelling, informative, and a great use of the feature.

Kylie Cosmetics Features Tutorials and Behind the Scenes Action

20-year-old mogul Kylie Jenner knows a thing or two about trendsetting. She fuels her cosmetics empire with platform-appropriate content, and IGTV is no different. With influencer tutorials, clips of product in action, and sneak peeks of new launches, Kylie Cosmetics does a great job engaging its youthful audience.

Are you watching or creating on IGTV?

Rachael Doukas