2018’s Most Interesting Marketing Moments

As another year comes to a close, we can’t help but reflect on the leaps and bounds that the marketing/communications industry has made as a whole. While the foundations of storytelling stand the test of time, how and the mediums through which we communicate them are ever-evolving.

Below, we’ve recapped some of the most interesting moments in marketing that, for better or for worse, happened throughout this year.

The Something Navy Launch: Influencers Breathe New Life to Retailers

The launch of the Something Navy brand at Nordstrom completely transformed the way that retailers do business, and solidified the notion that social media influencers are capable of so much more than snapping pretty pictures. Arielle Charnas, founder of the blog that inspired the brand, utilized her social celebrity to keep loyal fans engaged throughout the design process, allowing the retailer’s future customers to feel involved every step of the way. The result? Nordstrom’s biggest launch – ever.

Facebook’s Algorithm Update: Authenticity Excels, and Sells

At the start of 2018, Mark Zuckerburg announced an update that would help bring Facebook back to its role as a vehicle for fostering authentic conversations. The direct result of this change was that brands were forced to rethink how they communicated with their customers and prospects as the algorithm began to favor “page posts that generate conversation between people.” Brands that put an emphasis on fostering relationships has risen to the top.

Patagonia Donates $10M: Brands Taking a Stand

In November, Patagonia announced that it would donate the $10 million it saved from President Trump-backed tax cuts to environmental protection groups. The divisive political action changed the course of brand participation forever. Consumers no longer find passive engagement acceptable. In 2019 and beyond, brands will need to put their money where their mouth is in order to prove their authentic passion for their chosen cause.

Tide Avoids Crisis: Getting Ahead of Dangerous Trends

2018 was the year of a very dangerous, very unhealthy, very not-wise trend amongst teenagers. Even though the viral “Tide Pod Challenge” wasn’t led or endorsed by the brand, Tide masterfully navigated around the situation by teaming up with football player Rob Gronkowski to educate followers on the right way to use a Tide Pod.

The Winter Olympics: Evolving Technology Shines

From the 1200-drone spectacle of lights during the Opening Ceremony, to brilliant virtual reality experiences, to 5G stations in the village, the 2018 Winter Olympics brought big ideas to life.

If we learned anything from 2018, it’s that brands and businesses that can build genuine relationships across marketing mediums are the ones that will stand the test of time.

What was your favorite marketing moment of 2018?

Rachael Doukas